Gales Gone By

Our Gale Alumni


Gracie McNeely ’16Megan1

Megan Gleason ’16 ANNIE

Annie Batten ’16 1911973_10202373212725110_1013496865_n

Liza Davis ’16 


Katie Shaffer ’15


Jayne Pasternak ’15


Ella Fox ’15


Lisa Taxier ’13

Although she misses her gale friends very much, Lisa has spent her time post-graduation making some new rat friends in a behavioral neuroscience lab in what park benches proclaim is the “Greatest City in America,” otherwise known as Baltimore, Maryland. Often, she finds herself singing to her rats in the lab, wishing that they would chime in and harmonize with her. When she’s not busy looking at brains under a microscope or whispering sweet nothings to the rats, Lisa spends her time actively trying to convince people to call her either “Big L” or “Muscles.”  When that fails, she contents herself with pursuing her dream of tasting the world’s most perfect french fry.


Anna Swanson ’12

Anna is a trooper for joining the ‘Gales and singing four bass parts in one term (we promise that she won’t have to do that next term!). Anna bakes delicious pumpkin cookies from a recipe she created herself, and also performed in the fall one-acts to rave reviews. We also like to note that when asked what or who she would have spontaneously combust, she responded Keanu Reeves, because “he’s hot enough that he could, and a bad enough actor that he should.” So clever!


Molly Watters ’12

As this photo demonstrates, Molly is nearly always seen in public with a few tell-tale accessories. No, we are not referring to her Camelbak, but rather to her limitless supply of stylish necklaces (we especially give a thumbs-up to her wishing bone necklace). Molly loves being outside and harmonizing, and can always be counted on to have her trusty pitch-pipe with her.  Being a Gale necessarily involves cookies, and we are proud to say that Molly has recently become a chocolate-chip cookie baking PRO!


Lydia Russell-Roy ’10

Lydia brought Aviators back into style (or at least convinced all the ‘Gales that no outfit is complete without a pair of Aviators). She is also the ‘Gale most likely to start a spontaneous dance party. A Biology major, Lydia enjoys Scuba diving, so much so that she spent her gap-year before arriving at Carleton teaching Scuba lessons in Australia. Lydia’s goal in life was to have the ‘Gales sing “Don’t Stop Believin,’” and now that we have, her new goal is to have us sing “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”


Eva Luderowski ’10

Despite her ongoing quest, Eva Luderowski has yet to find a tasty enough tea bag in Dacie Moses. However, this great disappointment has yet to affect her everlasting love for the ‘Gales and the house in which they practice. Eva has an insatiable thirst for learning new music and enjoys writing with playfully pretentious diction. A biology major, Eva hopes to define herself as more than just a face in Carleton’s biology crowd.


Kate Jones ’10

Kate Jones, we have decided, should always be referred to as Kate Jones, with the “o” in Jones held out longer than necessary. While she seems to be quiet to people who don’t know her, Kate Jones has a sense of humor that will often leave us in stitches in the middle of rehearsal. Kate is currently enamored with a rooster named Leopold, who lives on the farm where she worked this past summer and who defended her from other mean roosters in said farm.


Amanda Hund ’10

Amanda, dubbed “Hunda” to keep us from getting her mixed up with the other recently-graduated Amanda, is one of the busiest people we know. She sings, she is on the Equestrian Team and works at the nearby stables, she plays bassoon in a quintet, she does cross-country skiing, she is on the cross-country running team, and, in her spare time, manages to contemplate double majoring in Biology and Psychology and, impressively, to carve this ice sculpture with Laura Stratford ’09. She’s so busy, in fact, her whole life gets to be summed up in one long sentence.


Laura Stratford ’09

Laura is the tallest member of the Knightingales at 5’11”. Ironically, in her homeland of Tnaig, she is considered a pygmy, and the adjustment to life among “minis,” as her people call those under 7 feet, has been difficult but exciting since she can finally look down on others. For citizenship purposes, her hometown is listed as Belmont, Massachusetts, but this is merely a front. In her spare time, Laura tries to convince large groups of people that she is someone other than herself. In one of her finer moments, she convinced Carleton to give her a degree for reading stories from around the world, especially India. She is terrified that the college will figure out that she just wanted to get credit for something she’d do anyway.


Caitlin Schmid ’09

play the piano like a ring and a bell // in a summer dress she walks on home // hey remember that month when i only ate boxes of tangerines? // i was waiting for a train in the london underground // mid-sweet talk, newspaper cutouts // breathe and sing along should i?


Sabrina Peterson ’09

Sabrina absolutely loves Sex and the City, even though she didn’t dress up to see the movie (although she does have a fabulous wardrobe). Like the rest of the ‘Gales, she compulsively checks her e-mail, and has also been known to send a few hoax e-mails as well. Sabrina loves green mint chocolate chip ice cream and Nutella, although she does admit that there is such thing as eating too much Nutella, and strongly advises against it. Her major is Sociology/Anthropology, but we’re sure that if there was a major in Studies of Sheep, she would be head over heels for it.


Haven Leeming ’09

If Haven had to chose between eyesight and hearing, she would most certainly sacrifice seeing in order to still be able to hear music. She is overly excited about decorating the house she is renting with friends for the year, and will invite anyone over for a vegetarian dinner. As an English major, she has plans to live in a refrigerator box colony after graduation, but is hoping that her interest in Environmental Studies will perhaps give her a career path. She enjoys traveling, walking barefoot, and dancing in the rain.


Amanda deBoer ’09

A Psychology major with a concentration in Educational Studies and Spanish, you could say that Amanda would someday the perfect Spanish teacher, so it makes sense that her dream job is to be an ESL kindergarten teacher. While she earns her teaching licensure, Amanda spends the majority of her time exercising and training for triathlons, although she hates to swim. We also think that she single-handedly keeps Coca-Cola from going bankrupt, as she consumes far more Diet Coke than humanly possible. Like the rest of the ‘Gales, she enjoys sunshine, but unlike most of the ‘Gales, she burns easily, which kinda creates a continual problem.


Alex Barba ’09

Alex is the whirlwind of pink that enters the doors of Dacie Moses three times a week, and if she isn’t wearing her pink crocs, we are pretty disappointed. Due to her amazing range, Alex is our jack-of-all-trades singer, willing to sing bass or soprano, and dazzle us with her strong solo voice. Although she is a Political Science major, Alex’s heart belongs to literature, especially Jane Austen. Never mention statistics around her, but do try to get a hug from her, as she is a fabulous hugger.

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