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Interested in becoming a Gale?

Please audition! We are a group of fun-loving girls, so don’t be scared. During auditions, we look for voices that will best blend with our group, but it helps to be yourself, too!

When are auditions?

Auditions are held every year at the beginning of fall term. Come find us at the Activities Fair on the first Friday of fall term to sign up for an audition slot, and look for our posters around campus.

Do I need to have singing experience?

Nope. We have had members who had no musical training before joining the Gales. While singing experience does help, we are looking for voices that will fit in with our group, and if yours developed by singing in the shower, then that is perfect, too.

Do I need to prepare anything for the auditions?

We ask that you come with an unaccompanied solo that showcases your voice and range. Most people sing a song they already know and love, but you can sing us anything — the Star Spangled Banner, Happy Birthday, whatever! This is your turn to shine, so show us what you can do.

(Still stressed?  This year’s Gales auditioned with songs by…Jason Mraz, the Beatles, Adele, Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, Little Women the musical, Corinne Bailey Rae, the Weepies…what’s most important is choosing a song YOU love to sing and feels comfortable for your voice, but still shows off your range!)

What is the audition process?

First Round of Auditions. During the first round, we listen to everyone individually. We’ll first warm you up and down so we can hear your range, and then we’ll ask you to sing your solo. We’ll take you through some pitch recall exercises, and perhaps ask you to do some other vocal exercises.

In this stage, we really just want to get to know you and your voice. We are looking for accurate intonation, voice tones that will blend easily, and strong solo voices. We are also looking for awesome girls, so let your personality show!

Callbacks. After the first round, we email a list for callbacks, which are held the next day. If we have called you back, it means that you impressed us, and we want to hear more. During callbacks, we will teach you two or more parts from a Gales song, and ask you to sing with the other girls auditioning and some of the current Gales. This is where we focus on blend and whether or not you can independently hold your part.

Final Stage. The worst part…waiting. We email our decisions on new Gales after we have deliberated; if you don’t get into the Gales this time, we encourage you to audition again. Our group changes year-to-year with Gales graduating, so we’re always looking for new ranges and voices.

In the words of Nike, just do it.

(as in like, audition)


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